What will dating be like in a post-quarantine life?

The pandemic situation of COVID-19 and what is expected from this, in terms of a new normality of life, creates an atmosphere of doubt and at the same time, makes the imagination have even more room for creativity.

Sexuality in the current context of a pandemic, abruptly changed, and so did the erotic practices in light of social estrangement. The use of masks, extreme hygiene protocols and the return to life beyond the landscape of the window is the new day to day. There is a mental change about the desires and the molds to live life with a certain normality with the presence of the Coronavirus.

In this sense, it is possible to notice a considerable growth in the number of memes with sexual connotations. Based in jokes that speak from the increase of masturbation, sexual desires without being able to have physical contact with the stunning escorts in Leicester, or about who has more or less sex. At the same time, the idea of sex interspersed with risk, merge among everyone in society.

Staying isolated allowed, in a general way, a time of pause for self-knowledge. It is a time that lead to learning, to taking the situation in a less problematic way for mental health. 

So Skokka is curious to know what the dates could be like after this confinement and pandemic that has been experienced in recent months, so they consulted the expert Mumbai escorts and call girls. After all, it’s been when thoughts grew about future dates and reunions. It is a fact that life is an immensity of relationships and it is time to adapt to the post-quarantine reality.  

The search for a compatible partner

From the beginning of the pandemic, in the most diverse countries of the world, people began to seek answers to existential doubts within themselves. On the other hand, many of those answers are believed to be more real when someone finds in the other, a possible complement to the ideas, which now, are part of a totally different routine. 

Among the singles, the fear in times of confinement was to have the most ardent sexual desires without being able to have someone with whom to share them, as when one could meet the escorts of Perth. It is when there are even more doubts about how to continue life after a pandemic, because, for the moment, it is advisable to maintain physical distance and even, always wear masks. 

The times of social estrangement show that the codes of seduction begin a new phase. The moment suggests much more than having sex, and that’s when couples come to discover themselves after years together. Some get stronger, others decide it’s better to separate. 

Given the behaviors that post-pandemic life demands, single people begin to think that maybe it’s time to find someone who can be complementary and help overcome the times ahead. 

Much more than a date, the times after quarantine generate an atmosphere of tension while it has the power to create bonds for interests that become common.

Talk more, and know the person, and less sex

Falling in love, having sex with the most beautiful escorts, loving and being loved… everything still exists. But why risk it if it’s possible to change the type of relationship so that everything goes well? It is a time of change in society, but the desires about having sex do not shift. 

And that means people can’t have sex? Of course not, sex is allowed, but as a precaution, the moment requires creating connections and knowing that there will be less risk at the time of sexual intercourse with other people. 

However, it is clear that uncertainty and fears about physical contact become stronger. The fact that the transmission of the virus is still through droplets of saliva helps the argument that knowing each other intellectually is worth more than having sex on a first date. Masks and alcohol for the hands times ask for calm and patience.

From the beginning, “virtual dating” gained space, until the post-quarantine moment arrives, allowing it to be the turn of the physical appointment. 

While sex is a physical thing, dating after a quarantine can change roles again. 

As before, that singles were sure that life in bars and parties, with sex at the end of the night made more sense, today, maybe, listening and caring about someone, seems to make a lot more sense. Learning how to deal with new relationships more thoroughly, and that there will always be someone out there who can share, add and complement life.

It is possible that in a while everything will be as before. At the moment, it is better to keep the good bites, such as virtual sex with escorts.

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