How CBD Oil for Dogs is Used to Relief Pain, Inflammation, and Anxiety

The world of cannabidiol is vast, but unknown for a lot of people. Lots of pet owners are reluctant to trying CBD-based on their pets because they know little to nothing about it, and considering that research is still in its early stages, it is to no surprise.

However, CBD has been claimed as one of the safest forms of alternative medication today, to the point of receiving its own national day. But why is CBD actually used, and how? Is it actually safe? Does it benefit dogs the same way it benefits humans?

In this article, we will try to solve all these doubts and showcase how it can be used to relieve dogs with pain-inducing conditions, inflammatory diseases, and anxiety problems. 

Let’s Understand CBD First

One o the reasons why some people believe CBD is bad is because it is deeply related to medicinal cannabis and recreational marijuana. CBD, also known as cannabidiol, is a compound that can be found in the cannabis plant. Along with THC, a psychotropic compound, these two are the main protagonists inside the medicinal cannabis’ structure.

These two compounds are capable of granting health benefits, but THC is the compound that provides the plant with its psychotropic capabilities, usually getting people high whenever it is consumed.

Here’s the catch… Because CBD-based products are derived from the Hemp, a type of the Cannabis plant, these products are actually non-psychotropic. The science is very simple: the hemp plant, as claimed at contains really low levels of THC, to the point of it being pretty much inexistent, only reaching up to 0.3% of its structure.

Thus, all cannabidiol-based products and medication are unable to get people high, turning them into a more reliable choice for enthusiasts. 

This is very important when we talk about dogs, just because THC is literally toxic for animals! Since the products derived from the hemp plant only contain 0.3% of THC, dogs can consume it without worries, making it a very viable medical choice for ill and senior dogs.

Cannabidiol Oil as a Dog Product

One of the most common products when it comes to CBD is cannabidiol-based oil. It works by combining oils extracted from the hemp plant and carrier oil to give it more substance. Oils are considerably easy to manage thanks to droppers, and although they can be used between humans and dogs, it is recommended to get specific dog products since they usually have specific components that make them more charming for them.

For dogs, oil can be very helpful as well since it is well known that, although cannabidiol products are fairly safe, they can still cause side effects when too much is consumed. Finding the right dose while using oils is much easier thanks to droppers, and some providers will give advice about the dosage when using oils so these problems are avoided. This shop, for example, gives detailed suggestions about choosing the right dose.

Ideally speaking, though, you should start with smaller doses, then go up until you find the desired results. This way, you will avoid causing nausea or vomiting, while granting the health benefits of CBD to your dog. But what are these benefits?

Cannabidiol for Pain and Inflammation

Dogs are very likely of suffering from pain-inducing conditions and inflammatory complications once they reach a certain age. The most common problem they deal with, especially when they are big dogs, is joint pain and inflammation. This greatly reduces their mobility, and of course, can also cause them to be depressed.

Cannabidiol is capable of reducing inflammation and alleviating pain very quickly, helping them recover some of that mobility. Oil, specifically speaking, usually takes from 15 to 30 minutes to kick in, and the effect can last from 3 to 5 hours.

Using Cannabidiol to Deal with Anxiety

Believe it or not, dogs can also suffer from anxiety. In fact, there’s a specific form of anxiety very common among adopted dogs known as separation anxiety, which makes them act very clingy and needy while turning chaotic or destructive whenever they are left alone. 

Although this form of anxiety requires a very specific approach to be handled, cannabidiol can greatly aid you during this challenge thanks to its relaxing capabilities. Of course, this does not only involve separation anxiety. The anxiety caused by moving to a new place, going on a trip, or meeting new people, can also be handled thanks to cannabidiol oil.

Last Words

As mentioned earlier, cannabidiol is still a fairly new field that needs a lot of research, and although there’s no scientific proof showcasing its benefits, the community claims it as a miracle medication capable of aiding people and dogs in their fight against pain and inflammation.

With that said, because it has been proclaimed as a rather safe alternative to traditional medication, a lot of pet owners are turning to CBD. Consider that side effects and the liver damage caused by cannabidiol medication are fairly harmless in comparison to more traditional forms of medication, especially in the long-term run.

However, it is important to make sure that the medication you are taking is compatible with this compound, just because, if there’s no compatibility, the amount of liver damage your dog will receive will be substantially increased. For that reason, make sure to do some research and always start with small doses, so your dog doesn’t suffer from any side effects at all.

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