White Widow Feminized seeds

White Widow feminized seeds are some of the best seeds for sale from Homegrown Cannabis Co.

The original White Widow seeds are some of the top weed seeds for sale in the cannabis industry, they have been best sellers for many years.

However, since their introduction, White Widow feminized seeds have become the most popular iteration of this legendary strain. These feminized seeds are some of the best-selling seeds on this site.

Throughout the years, White Widow has managed to maintain its supremacy in the cannabis industry, there are traits this strain has that cannot be beaten, no matter how much is added or taken away.

White Widow Feminized seeds description

White Widow is a legendary cannabis strain. What’s more, these White Widow feminized seeds are essentially the perfect version. White Widow is a strain with a lot of history, having hit the cannabis scene in the 1990s, won the Cannabis Cup in 1995, and maintained spots on ‘best of’ lists ever since.

White Widow has won numerous trophies around the world throughout the years. If ever there were to be A-list cannabis seeds, these would be among those standing at the pinnacle of the cannabis industry.

Now, these aren’t the original WW, these feminized White Widow cannabis seeds offer everything that made the original great. The added benefit of the seeds being feminized, means they are guaranteed to flower!

White Widow fem has more than enough power to satisfy even the most experienced consumers. The 22% average THC level of the buds grown from these seeds provides much of the potency.

While White Widow is indica-dominant, it is quite well balanced in terms of its sativa and indica traits. However, users should be aware of couch-lock if they choose to consume enough. The best feminized White Widow seeds have set the bar high for modern hybrid cannabis seeds.

You can find White Widow feminized marijuana seeds for sale at Homegrown Cannabis Co. in several different pack sizes, who also offer wholesale seeds for customers looking to purchase large quantities.

White Widow Feminized effects

Given that White Widow feminized is a hybrid strain, it offers a myriad of effects, stemming from the fact that it is indica-dominant with a host of sativa traits to boot.

Feminized White Widow is often favored by artists due to the mind-expanding creativity it can offer to consumers, one toke can send the mind racing down new, untouched creative paths.

Furthermore, this feminized strain can induce a level of focus when consumed, making it the perfect strain to use to get things done when used in moderation. Be aware, due to the potency of White Widow feminized, we wouldn’t recommend consuming large quantities if the plan is to complete tasks or do work.

Considering this, feminized White Widow can either be the ideal morning strain or a perfect nighttime strain. If smoked in moderation, it can offer a burst of energy to start the day, allowing for work to get done and errands to get run.

However, if the plan is to smoke a little bit more, then it would be advisable to smoke White Widow fem at night.

Be aware, the 22% THC levels of White Widow feminized can deliver deep relaxation when consumed in heavier doses. This is the element of feminized White Widow that draws from its rich, indica heritage. In line with a classic indica high, users may get couch-lock when they consume enough WW feminized.

White Widow Feminized flavors

Given the origins of White Widow feminized seeds, it makes sense that the bud grown from them would be pretty pungent, or simply have a strong taste.

White Widow’s flavors start with natural, earthy, pine notes which seem mild upon the first taste. However, these gentle aromas soon give way to a wave of pungent, spicy flavored smoke that is strong enough to fill a whole room.

This is not a discreet strain to smoke at all, it is loud and proud of its strength and potency.

Smokers with a keen sense of taste will be able to pick up on the sweet notes of pine and spicy sandalwood. Overall, White Widow feminized seeds produce buds with complex, layered flavors that should appease any tokers who like their weed to taste strong.

How to Germinate White Widow Feminized seeds

Germinating White Widow feminized pot seeds is remarkably easy. There are many different ways to germinate cannabis seeds, yet the tried and tested methods are almost always the best. That means, no complications, gadgets, or supplementary materials are needed, just items that can be found in most homes.

Here is the Homegrown Cannabis Co. method of germinating White Widow feminized cannabis seeds properly.

  1. Gather materials – To start with, growers will need some White Widow feminized seeds, purified or bottled water, tweezers, paper towels, and a dinner plate.
  2. Moisten paper towels – Dip two paper towels into the water. Next, wring the towels out to ensure there is no excess water and the towels are simply damp.
  3. Place towel on the plate – Place one of the paper towels onto the plate, keep the other one nearby as it will be needed soon.
  4. Add seeds – Take the feminized White Widow seeds and place them on top of the paper towel on the plate. Leave around an inch of space between each feminized seed.
  5. Place the second towel on top – Grab the second paper towel and place it over the top of the seeds. Add a little extra water to ensure that everything is moist but not too wet.
  6. Check for excess water – Lift the paper towels to check if there is any standing water on the plate beneath.
  7. Store the plate – Place the plate in a warm, dark place. A drawer or cupboard is the easiest place.
  8. Leave seeds for 20-120 hours – Keep the seeds moist and never allow them to get dry. Check on the seeds regularly.
  9. Plant seeds – Once the White Widow feminized seeds have sprouted a taproot, they are ready to be planted.

Germinating White Widow feminized cannabis seeds is much the same as germinating any weed seeds. By using the paper towel method recommended by Homegrown Cannabis Co., germination is much easier.

The paper towel method is by far the simplest way to germinate cannabis seeds, as can be seen above, there are less than 10 steps until the seeds are germinated and ready to plant. Once the taproot has popped out of the seed, stick the seeds into the ground and prepare for the next step in the grow cycle.

White Widow Feminized seeds grow information

After germinating these seeds, next comes the actual grow cycle. So, it’s time for the White Widow feminized seeds grow report!

White Widow feminized seeds are actually remarkably easy to grow. These potent seeds are suitable for novices and beginner growers. This seems a bit unusual for seeds that produce such potent buds, but it is nonetheless accurate.

As they are indica-dominant, White Widow feminized seeds will grow into squat and bushy plants, particularly during the vegetative stage. Again, being indica plants, feminized White Widow doesn’t have a tendency to climb, rather the plants will develop thick foliage.

White Widow fem is a remarkably strong and durable plant. While White Widow fem seeds would much prefer to be grown in warm environments, they can most definitely survive in less than ideal, colder climates.

This is most likely due to the indica lineage finding its origins in colder, mountainous climates. If you’re growing White Widow feminized seeds in the USA, then it is definitely possible to grow outdoors, particularly on the west coast, and indoors depending on preference.

A greenhouse may be a good idea instead of growing feminized White Widow seeds directly outdoors, as it will offer an extra layer of protection to the plants.

Furthermore, White Widow feminized pot seeds are also incredibly resistant to disease and pests. While some weed strains will be extremely susceptible to these potential ailments, feminized White Widow has the capability to shrug off disease with ease in comparison.

The flower time for white widow feminized is around 8-10 weeks after the plants have been flipped from veg.

Generally, plants grown from White Widow feminized can yield 28 ounces per square meter indoors and 32 ounces per plant when grown outdoors. This is quite a respectable yield for such a potent strain.

Boost yields even higher by making use of Screen of Green (SCROG) or Sea of Green (SOG) techniques to utilize the inherent bushiness of White Widow to create amazing, thick canopies which trap light and subsequently create more budding spots.

White Widow Feminized seeds genetics

White Widow feminized seeds are a combination of two strains. The general genetic lineage of WW is a Brazilian sativa crossed with a South Indian indica. The strength and genetic qualities of both the parent strains are what give White Widow feminized its potent yet balanced hybrid qualities.

Brazilian sativa and South Indian indica are two landrace strains, what does this mean? Landrace strains occur naturally and are therefore the oldest strains of marijuana that people are aware of.

So, White Widow feminized is a direct descendent of one of the oldest sativa strains and one of the oldest indica strains. This makes it a pretty special strain, most new strains are created by breeding other hybrid or legacy strains, rarely from landrace strains.

Feminized White Widow is a parent itself. Feminized White Widow’s genetics can be found in newer strains like White Rhino and Berry White. There are also the cross strains like White Widow x AK-47, White Widow x Crystal Meth and CBD White Widow which exist directly as a result of WW feminized.

Where to Buy White Widow Feminized seeds

Good news! Purchase feminized White Widow seeds from Homegrown Cannabis Co. The first step is to visit the website then just buy white widow feminized seeds as either 4-packs, 8-packs, 12-packs, or 24-packs of seeds.

Homegrown Cannabis Co. has pack sizes to suit all budgets as well as an ever-changing list of promos and offers which may sometimes include White Widow fem seeds.

There is also the option to buy White Widow fem seeds wholesale, this means those in the market for buying weed seeds in larger, bulk quantities have the opportunity to do so and get the best possible deal when it comes to price per seed and seed quality.


Overall, White Widow feminized seeds are among the finest cannabis seeds for sale from Homegrown Cannabis Co. It is with good reason that the name White Widow holds so much weight in the cannabis community, it’s potent, easy to grow, and amazing to smoke.

With that in mind, White Widow’s name actually transcends the cannabis community as it is familiar to those outside of 420 culture and has its own place in popular culture.

There are many out there who may be considering using White Widow feminized pot seeds for their first grow. This is a great idea! As previously mentioned, WW feminized is an extremely hardy and durable plant which means that growers are far less likely to suffer the effects of diseases, insects, and other pests.

In conclusion, there are few strains that are objectively better than White Widow feminized. It boasts the name and attributes of a legendary cannabis strain with the more modern twist of the seeds being feminized.

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