5 benefits of networking for Project Management Professionals (PMP)

What is networking in project management?

For a seasoned professional as well as for an individual who is just starting to pursue a career in project management, networking is very crucial. Several articles on skills owned by a project manager specify that an individual must possess networking skills. 

Networking is the process of interacting with others for developing professionally and exchange information related to the field of project management. It is not just a mere process of socializing. Networking helps professionals to engage and learn whilst increasing their list of professional contacts. 

Types of Networking

Seasoned Project Management Professionals (PMP) are often seen attending events, webinars, and conferences to get away from the mundane life of working on projects. Besides the learning element, such professionals look forward to meeting their peers, clients, and vendors.

If an individual pursuing a career in project management stays distant from such business events, he/she loses opportunities in building a secure career path. Professionals are required to network and showcase their dedication towards the profession to survive in the project management field. 

Why is networking important?

Here are a few reasons why every Project Management Professional needs to indulge in networking activities.

  1.  To stay knowledgeable:

On choosing to pursue a career in the project management field, project managers take an oath to constantly learn and grow. Attending such networking events enables project managers to be more knowledgeable and stay up to date with the latest trends emerging in the field. Also, such events carry the rumours of the next big change that might happen in the project management field.

  1. To build contacts:

While parties hosted by organizations help project managers to network within the company, business parties hosted by outsiders assist in building contacts outside the organization. Such events help a project manager to meet potential clients and vendors which might be helpful for climbing the career ladder in the future.

  1. It is expected:

Organizations expect project managers to attend various events and build professional contacts. Through such events, a professional can gain better insights into the market, thereby aiding the organization to achieve its goals whilst making necessary changes. Individuals playing the role of project management professionals are deemed to network as part of their role.

  1. Acts as a platform for finding opportunities:

Attending networking events does not entitle professionals to sell themselves. It is a platform where professionals can meet the executives of an organization and have a chat regarding their business operations. Such conversations give birth to opportunities that a professional can avail in the future.

  1. Enhances confidence: 

Networking events help professionals to gain insights into the marketplace and stay updated. This affects the role of a project manager within an organization while performing risk assessment activities. While communicating with stakeholders, a professional can confidently update them with all the information that affects their role in managing the projects and assist them in taking necessary action.

Several project management professionals believe that PMP training helps them to transform into great project manager from a good project manager. This is important for accomplishing the project success rate set by the organization. As the certification is universally recognized, individuals can attend the training sessions by sitting anywhere in the world. PMP Certification Training is conducted through live online PMP training classes as well as in-class sessions. 

Individuals can become part of the Project Management Institute by applying for their membership program like PMI Germany and then network with peers who got PMP Certification in Basel. This program assists individuals to network with peers residing in different locations also. It helps individuals to interact and gain tips for earning the PMP Certification from certified professionals having vast knowledge of the industry.

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