“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” – Confucius

The humdrum of unsatisfying, meaningless jobs has sent a ripple through society. Everyone is starting to question the legitimacy of the societal norm of chasing money at the cost of abandoning what you love doing. People are only now shedding the decades-long conditioning and starting to realize you can find financial stability by doing what you’re passionate about, too.

So why slog at a job you have no interest in when you could be spending your days being blissful while doing something that matters to you?

This is where your hobbies come into play. Before embarking on a journey of picking a soul-satisfying career, you must figure out your hobbies. And more importantly, you must know how to turn them into skills that can eventually help you pay some bills.

Here are a few pointers that may help.

#1 Add your own twist

There are probably hundreds, if not thousands of people who’re good at the same thing you are. What makes you special? How will your hobby turn into a lucrative career if there’s a huge population out there doing the exact same thing as you?

Simple! You give it your own spin. Creativity stems from a very individual place in each one of us. Going by the book won’t help you get very far in this aspect.

So let your creativity breathe and let it surface. Keep innovating the skill you’re good at and it’ll soon start placing bread on the table.

#2 Learn from a professional

The world still has a vast lobby of people who chose to follow their passions. And they gained prosperity by doing what they loved. Learning from such an individual will not only help you cultivate your hobby but also teach you plenty of life lessons about how to navigate through thorny bushes.

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They’ve not only lived what you aim to live through but also have emerged successful after being through all the ups and downs.

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#3 Stay consistent and keep persevering

When you choose to follow your passion, it is no doubt the harder route to take. Especially in a world that has fed you false information all your life about how following your passion will never bring financial stability. And it’s easy to give in to that mind-set. A lot of people start out on this route but leave midway because they stop believing in their capabilities.

If you want to guard yourself against this, you have to stay consistent. You can’t give up at the first sign of failure because it is inevitable no matter what you choose. So, why not stick with what you like doing? Keep persevering, keep soldiering on. It’ll reap humongous profits if you hang around for long enough.

#4 Always find out ways to get better at it!

Excelling at your hobby is something not a lot of people can claim. And so if you want to cultivate it into a skill, you will need as much practice and exposure under your belt as you can get. This means signing up for theatre if you’re an aspiring actor. Or going to as many art exhibitions as you can find in the city if you’re a budding artist.

Do whatever it takes to expand your horizons. If you don’t know how other people on your hobby spectrum are operating, you won’t be able to bring a signature to your work.

So, always be on a quest to get better at your hobby.

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