What is my iq – how to know?

Intelligence quotient is the abbreviation of IQ. It can be defined as the measure of your general ability and it is expressed in numbers. It’s just a measure, so you can expect an amount of error in the measurement. 

An individual’s IQ can be calculated by taking an intelligence test. If you worry about “what is my iq, you can attempt IQ tests. The average IQ is defined as 100. If you score more than that, it means you are good than normal people.

What is a decent IQ score?

As we have seen earlier average score is 100, and the score indicates your IQ ranking. As per earlier records, less than 2% of the world population has less than a 69 IQ score. Measuring this much low IQ score is very hard using a general intelligence test. The same is for very high IQ scores, it is very difficult to measure scores above 150 accurately. 

Types of IQ test 

In general, you will find questions related to numerical & logical reasoning, spatial intelligence, and verbal intelligence. An IQ test generally measures abstract reasoning, inductive and deductive, which will be a non-verbal type of IQ test. 

There are many IQ tests in today’s date. Some of the famous tests are:

Wechsler Adult Intelligence scale 

The Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale (WAIS) is a type of IQ test that is designed to calculate the cognitive ability or intelligence in adults and adolescents. It was developed in 1995 by David Wechsler, as a revision of the Wechsler-Bellevue Intelligence scale. He believed that intelligence is made up of specific elements like isolated, defined, and subsequently measured. 

At present time we use the fourth edition of its test. It was released in 2008 and is composed of 10 crore subtests yielding a scaled score that sum to derive the full-scale IQ score. It is designed for people who are 16-90 years of age. It has four types of index scores and scales. The scale and index are as follows:

● Verbal comprehension index (VCI)

● Working memory index (WMI)

Perceptual reasoning Index (PRI)

● Processing speed index (PSI)

2 scores are used to summarize the intellectual ability. They are:

  1. Full-scale IQ
  2. General Ability Index
  3.  Are IQ tests accurate?

There is always a conflict about whether IQ tests are accurate or not. This is because IQ test accuracy depends on the tests that are being administered where scores can vary at different ages. Moreover, psychologists have determined in a large study on the intelligence quotient that results from the test may not exactly way to prove someone’s intelligence. 

Reasons for low IQ score

It is found that aging is associated with a decline in memory and reasoning abilities. Moreover, those who smoke regularly have a worse effect on their short-term memory. In research, it is also found that people taking more stress have a very bad effect on their cognitive ability. 


If you still think “what is my iq”, then it is advised that you should take an online test in your comfort zone. IQ testing has been the standard way of proving an individual’s cognitive ability. 

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