‘Death Note’ Season 2

Hardly anyone awaited that a new section would open for ‘Death Note’ but Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata made this dream come true. The new story ‘Special One Shot’ was released in 2020 and you can study it online at Manga plus. For the fans of the anime, it has really been clear for over a decade that the series has finished. After all, Light had to forget his life and the manga was told to finish after a long season. The anime is a story about Light Yagami, a high school student who has the range to murder any person whose name is write in the strange notebook. ‘Death Note’ manga finished way back in 2006. There is no source component for a second season to take place. ‘Death Note’ is a Japanese manga series represented by Takeshi Obata, discovered by Tusgumi Ohba and directed by Tetsuro Araki. It was cooperated and animated by Madhouse. The post is also famous because the anime was telecasted on the Nippon Television network every Tuesday. Netflix has also published movies about the theme.

Death Note’ Season 2 Release date 

There is so much force on the developers for the publication of ‘Death Note’ Season 2 as we earlier told that netizens are commanding for the sequel. However you might be sad to know that no proper announcement has been made regarding the publish date. The COVID 19 pandemic is also slowing down the announcement date. 

Death Note’ Season 2: Animal Renewal

The 2007 anime series is yet the greatest adaptation of its manga. Despite heavy requests, Studio Madhouse never renewed the anime for a second round. However, now that the new detached manga has been published, the creators will finally have a storyline for Season 2. The new section might arrive anytime soon.

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