Pros and Cons of Smartphone Gambling in the US

Smartphone users enjoy a wide range of advantages, such as instant communication, access to an array of apps, and internet surfing. They use gadgets for entertainment and for playing different types of online casino games. The main advantage of playing casino games on smartphones is that it is accessible from any place. Apart from this, there are many other pros and cons of using a smartphone for gambling. 

Smartphone gambling in New Jersey is one of the oldest

New Jersey online casinos sector is one of the oldest in the US, having started in November 2013. It was the 3rd state after Nevada and Delaware. NJ is one of the most populated states in the US, which is a major benefit to the online gambling sector. Since 2013, the sector has recorded growth year after year and has remained the top sports betting revenue generator until 2022. 

Pros of US Smartphone Gambling:


There is no doubt that smartphone gambling offers the most convenient way to gamble. You don’t need to get out of your bet or leave the dining table to go and gamble. You can access an internet casino when resting on your couch, while traveling, or when enjoying your coffee in a restaurant. 


Online casinos are tops in the list of the most trusted websites in the US. They use SSL certification, which allows encryption, authentication, and decryption when accessing sports betting and online casino games. SSL guarantees you your online safety, where all your data is secure. 

Attractive bonuses

Smartphone usage statistics show over 6.6 billion people, or 83.40% of the world population, use smartphones daily. In the US, about 307 million people, or over 92% of the total population in 2022, are using smartphones daily. To attract more people to sign up for online gambling, online casinos in the state offer attractive bonuses. 

Cons of US Smartphone Gambling:

Risk of compulsive gambling

Smartphone gambling allows access to casino games 24/7. However, you need to set your limits, starting with bankroll and gambling time. If you fail to put these controls in check, you can easily develop compulsive gambling, which can affect your productivity. 

Screen size

Smartphones have a small screen which limits the number of details that can be displayed. Graphics display cannot be the same as when playing on a computer screen. Sometimes gamblers may install applications from third parties that compromise their online security. 

Battery drains fast

Playing casino games on a smartphone is like playing video games that consume a lot of battery power. While there is no limit to when and where you can decide to play casino games, your phone’s battery power can fail you. When buying your smartphone to use for betting, you need to consider its battery power. Buy a smartphone with a battery that can last you an entire day without requiring recharging. 

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