What Makes Sheesham Wood Beds The Best Online Purchase Option?

Buying a bed for the house is quite critical as we have to look into various factors like make, size, quality etc. Most people prefer wooden beds to metal beds as they are a symbol of luxury and tradition. In these wooden beds, there are many options like teak wood, Sheesham wood and engineered wood. Sheesham wood beds are now the better option for most people as they are more feasible and economical than the other wooden beds. It also gives a royal look when polished and turns the room into a beautiful bedroom. If you are looking for a nice Sheesham wood bed for your home, check the Wakefit website for some unique ones with a good design. The advantages of Sheesham wood beds are plenty in number. Here are a few of them. 

Strong and sturdy

Sheesham wood, by nature, is a hardwood and stands strong enough to hold the body’s weight. Buy a Sheesham wood bed online that is sturdy and strong. It should not squeak or creak in the middle of the night when you roll over and should be strong enough to hold the weight of a couple and kids sleeping together. This is the main reason most people opt for Sheesham wood beds more than any other. All you have to do is make sure the bed frame is thick enough to hold the weight of the mattress and people sleeping on it. 

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Have a good texture

Sheesham wood has a fine grain texture that looks pleasing to the eye. It is otherwise known as the Indian rosewood or Dalbergia sissoo. The natural wood itself comes in different shades and varieties. Of course, you can add a desired coating or polish to it, but for those who love the raw finish of wood, the Sheesham wood texture is a blessing. It has many natural shades that look attractive and appealing to the eye. The shades look even better under a light. The range of shades varies from the plain withered look to a dry redwood shade. Choose a texture that matches your interior decor. 

Are resistant to ticks and termites 

Sheesham wood is generally moisture-resistant and termite resistant. They are hard and don’t get affected by ticks and termites around. So there will be no necessity for you to spend on termite treatment for your Sheesham wood beds. Ticks and termites can cause allergies to the body. But as Sheesham wood beds are resistant to them, there is no such fear. 

Lasts longer

One of the most durable and long-lasting woods is the Sheesham wood. The beds made out of this wood lasts for a lifetime with no damage. They stay strong and s pliable. Sheesham wood beds are a great option for long-lasting furniture as they don’t wear off easily. They withstand all kinds of weather and bear greater stress than the other kinds of woods. In addition, its natural resistance to decay and termites makes it last longer. Look for the best quality Sheesham wood bed online for better longevity. 

It is an economical option

The reason why most people adapt to Sheesham wood beds is that the price is very reasonable. When compared to teak wood, there is a huge difference in the price. You can buy a king size bed at best price if you opt for Sheesham wood. It also has all the best qualities wood should have and is most preferred for furniture making. Choose a king or queen size bed for the master bedroom and a single bed if you stay alone. 

The carpenter’s choice 

Sheesham wood is always considered the carpenter’s favourite choice because it is hard and can be carved into any design. The wood doesn’t split off easily and it is easy for the carpenter to carve different and unique designs on this wood. The Sheesham wood beds with carvings on headboards give a traditional and royal look to the bedroom. These also come with storage options. They act as storage beds that can increase the storage space in the bedroom. 


Sheesham wood beds are the perfect choice as they have many advantages like looks, durability, quality and style. Buy the best one online and get it delivered to your doorstep without having to walk from store to store to shop for furniture. Ensure the delivery men keep the bed in the bedroom so that you need not take the pain of dragging it inside. It is an economical option and worth the money you invest. Do not compromise on the quality. Check for discounts mainly during the festive seasons. Look at the various designs online and make the Best Buy for your home.

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