Basics about magic mushrooms and their many advantages

Cannabis or CBD products have been around us from ancient times. People usually are used to having the CBD components to get high but now with time, they have been realizing the beneficial effects of CBD as well.

So many tests and studies have been going on regarding all these and we have seen many positive results too. That’s why in many countries, now marijuana is not illegal anymore. People have been using cannabis for medical purposes by the supervision of their physicians. 

Another thing is that you may already know about magic mushrooms which is a combination of cannabis and mushrooms. Instead of negative feedback, you may read this insightful post of ours to understand the advantages of having magic mushrooms.

Sufficiency and changes in cognitive behavior 

In a 2014 research, a group of people were involved in a research as volunteers and on the three doses of psilocybin were given during an eight-week period.

The research sessions were held in a pleasant and supervised environment for many hours. There was music to enable a smoother environment for the participants to concentrate on their inner experiences. Besides the psilocybin dosages, individuals were given cognitive behavioral psychotherapy. It was needed to sustain their smoking cessation objectives.

Now, people can easily get marijuana especially, these days many outlets are providing so many effective cannabis items like mushbag.

Cutting Depression

Psilocybin has shown effectiveness in the treatment of severely depressed patients. The psychedelic drug increases the brain’s emotional reactivity so that people may access and absorb their emotions more completely. An antidepressant known as SSRI can easily generate emotional prevention. It is a psychoactive drug.

In those studies, experts stated that individuals showed increased activity in the right brain amygdala. This neurochemical change was seen in the reactions to both frightening and joyful pictures. 

Alleviate fear from patients

We have also found another research conducted in the John Hopkins university. There in a study, a single high dosage of psilocybin was able to reduce anxiety in patients with life-threatening diseases. Many trials have been performed there. All of them were happening in a double-blind and placebo-controlled environment. 

Research shows that the study subjects were psychologically distressed by a severe disease called cancer. Those who were fighting this illness in Johns Hopkins University were extremely sad and depressed. They participated in the study and 60-80% in the ‘NYU Langone trial where a positive result was detected. Because of using the magic mushrooms on these patients, clinically they could feel better and get rid of their sad mood and anxiety.There was a 6-month follow-up after therapy.

Psychedelic PTSD treatment and OCD

When magic mushrooms are being used, the psilocybin acts as stimulator and we can see development of new brain cells in the hippocampus.It means the part where the memory and learning area is located, they feel in change. 

Increased neural connections are available via neurogenesis and the brain improves its ability to redirect outdated and maladaptive cognitive patterns because of magic mushrooms. 

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