Causes of low testosterone in men

The testosterone online is there to correct the low testosterone in men. With age, the testosterone level decreases. They are higher when men are in their late teens and start to decline at the age of 30. The testes are known to produce testosterone in response to LH – the luteinizing hormone, synthesised by the pituitary hormone.  

At times, tests fail to produce sufficient testosterone, which is normally categorised as hypogonadism. It can be able to happen at any stage of life and thus, is divided into three types. Over 4 million American men suffering from hypogonadism: 

Primary hypogonadism 

It is known to occur when your gonads don’t produce sufficient testosterone even after receiving certain brain signals. Because of that, the serum testosterone level gets low, but the FSH level and the LJ stay high. It is original and can be congenital or acquired. 

Examples of the causes that might be inherited are the nutation in the LH/FSH, chromosomal abnormalities, Klinefelter syndrome, and receptor gene. An example of the acquired conditions includes injury to the testes, chemotherapy, and testicular torsion which cause primary hypogonadism. 

Secondary hypogonadism 

The secondary hypogonadism occurs because of the damage to the brain part which sends signals to the testes to produce the testosterone. Because of the condition, the serum LH and SH  levels might also be below, as the testosterone. It can as well be acquired or congenital. 

Examples of the inherited cause of hypogonadism are pituitary disorder, Kallmann syndrome, and genetic abnormalities.  The acquired are caused by sleep deprivation, trauma, and pituitary tumour. 

Mixed secondary and primary hypogonadism 

The way the name suggests, it is a mixture for both the types of hypogonadism mentioned above, which means that it happens where there is a defect in the testes and pituitary. It happens only because of the acquired reasons. The person who also suffers from these issues has a testosterone level that is decreased and variable levels of FSH and LH. A mixture of secondary and primary hypogonadism are cancer, obesity, cirrhosis, and hemochromatosis. 

Hypogonadism screening 

The level test of the total testosterone is inexpensive and it is normally performed in the morning to be able to measure the total amount of testosterone protein-bound free of charge. Testosterone levels lower than 300 ng/dL indicate there is hypogonadism. The second assay is performed to confirm the condition. Once hypogonadism gets confirmed, an LH luteinizing hormone test is performed to determine whether it is secondary or primary hypogonadism. 

Medication to increase testosterone 

The doctor will have to design a testosterone plan that is boosting for you based on the low testosterone cause. The treatment purpose or prescribed medication will be able to balance your hormones, reducing the low testosterone symptoms. The medication will help in: 

  • Increasing stamina and body mass 
  • Reduce fatigue 
  • Improve density bone 
  • Improve mood 
  • Restore libido 

Bio-identical hormones 

The bio-identical hormones get synthesised or duplicated forms of natural human hormones. They are known to help women and men restore their testosterone or oestrogen level. Their prescriptions can be pre-made by the company which manufactures or to be custom-made via the pharmacist and they get utilised during the testosterone replacement therapy. 

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