What makes tattoos permanent?

The tattoo artist that is really good at realism can create the illusion that you are looking at a real person. The black and grey tattoo artists uses shading and blending to make it look like skin and detail down to individual hairs.

There is more than one reason why i won’t forget this on my body. One, of course, I can see it. Two, because of the pain that I endured for a month when I got this done.

The basic principle of a permanent tattoo is that it is made three layers of skin under the surface of the skinYes, the needles rip through the two layers above and then paint this picture on the third layer under! This is what makes it permanent.

My tattoo was made in three parts:

1. The outline. The outline of the entire image was drawn with a set of 3 needles that vacillated up and down at a tremendous speed, cutting through my skin and imprinting itself.

2. The black shades. This was done using a set of 7 needles that worked together to shade the thicker areas of the tattoo, like the stem of the trishul.

3. The red portion. The most painful part. As she held my hand rigidly, so that I do not withdraw my hand, she used a set of 13 needles to shade the red portion. She continuously for over 10 times rubbed those needles on the third layer under the skin so as to set the red colour well on the skin. Fused with a LOT of blood, there was a lot of discharge, which I earlier thought was the colour. But, I then realized that it was blood. A lot of it, which she wiped with a tissue and then went at it again.

This brought be a soreness like never before on my forearm for 5 days, which subsided, but the bruise (or self-inflicted injury) remained for another 20-25 days which was accompanied with itching, and a lot of itching 😛

Now is the most interesting part !! The colours that the tattoo artist use have a different effect on different skin types. The one that she used on me got my tattoo to appear meek and faded. She had to redo the entire process all over again, which put me under misery for another month.

This experience was wonderful, nevertheless. I am proud of her art, and I am proud to have a Mahadev tattoo on my forearm!

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