How to do a manual SERP analysis- 4 steps

Suppose you think that writing an ordinary post or details about your product or service and publishing it on your website is not enough to get reach. This is not a good or ideal type of strategy. There are plenty of other ways with the help of which you can easily make a proper strategy. Out of all these ways, using a keyword research tool is the most popular and used way. The majority of digital marketing agency indonesia use this tool for ranking their website at a higher position for a consistent period. 

There are tons of benefits for which you should use SERP checking tools for your website. It is a kind of SEO service that is also known as search engine optimization. A SERP checking tool is a kind of technique or procedure that is mainly used to analyze your website’s data. This data will help you in making proper strategies and planning regarding the growth of your website. 

It will lead to an increase in the performance chart or graph of your particular website. In a simple word, Seo service works as a doctor for a human being. For example, a doctor checks up on your body and prescribes the medicines according to your disease, which will help you in remaining healthy.

 SERP analytical service will similarly help you because it will let you know about the weakness, strengths, engagement, and many other factors regarding your website. Below mentioned are some prominent steps which you should follow for SERP analysis.

Step 1: identify relevant keywords.

If you are willing to perform keyword planner tool freeservice for the website, it will be the first step you should follow. You have to identify the keywords which are related to your website. Below mentioned is a brief discussion regarding different situations for a keyword. 

  • The keyword that you are targeting with existing content 

It is the first situation which you will face in this google keyword tool freeprocedure. It will prove beneficial for your website because it will help you in inclining the reach of keyword which you are willing to rank with your existing content. One thing which you should keep in mind for this situation that the content that you had created is actually related to the searcher or not.

  • The keyword that you wish to rank for with new content

It will be a better way of applying the SERP procedure in contrast to any other way. It is recommended that you should apply it before you start to produce content. The significant and sole reason behind the situation is that it will save you both time and money. The only thing which you should always consider that the intention behind the user who is searching for it. In a nutshell, the primary objective for which an individual is searching for that particular subject plays an important role. If you become able to understand the intention, then it will be easy for you to identify the type of content required. 

  • Keywords that are otherwise related to your website’s industry or parallel industry 

This is the third and last situation which can lead to offer plenty of benefits to you. As mentioned ahead of that, you should understand the competitive landscape, but along with that, you should also maintain your eyes on the sudden changes in your industry. It will help you in discovering new backlinks and opportunities for the procedure. In SERP analytical procedure, there will always remain three aims which are mentioned below. 

  1. Identify what’s working in the market and also keep a pulse on your competition
  2. Find new innovations and ideas regarding your content
  3. Find backlinks opportunity

Step 2: Add your keyword to SEO software

Once you identify the keyword According to the above-mentioned details, then it will become easier for you to analyze & prospect the SERP. At that time, you should add your keyword to the SEO project. After the successful addition of keywords, they will directly lead to generating modified tasks for the keyword which you are targeting. The task which had been generated by SEO buddy will help you in reviewing the results of the search engine. The page which opens after generating tasks will leads to show you a tremendous amount of information regarding the task.

Step 3: Prospect and run a completive analysis

If you had already added keywords in your SEO platform according to the above-mentioned step, then it will be the 3rd step that you should follow. Now, you should start to analyze your competitor in an organic way. For starting the 3rd step, you simply have to click on the start button, which will be present on the page on which your entire tasks were mentioned. That page is also known as the dashboard, and after clicking the start button, your procedure of prospecting will start to be performed. If you choose any trusted platform for performing this procedure, then they will also provide you a proper guide in which all these steps will be mentioned. At that moment, you are nearly to start analyzing the process with the first website on that server. On those result pages, backlinks opportunities, ideas regarding new content, and competitors will take place.  It is recommended that if any website is ranking for the particular keyword which you had entered, then you should simply ignore it. It will lead to never display that website within the entire task.

Step 4: Put the data from your SERP analysis to good use.

It is a fact that conducting SERP analytical procedures on its own will never lead to rank your website. You should also have to put the gained data into action. You can perform this step in numerous different ways. It totally depends on you which way will remain an ideal one for you. In case you already choose to ignore that particular ranking website, then they will not appear even a single one. Below mentioned are three significant ways.

  1. Your content ideas 
  2. Backlinks opportunities  
  3. Competitors 

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