An Ultimate Guide to Choose a Computer for Graphic Designers

When you are heading to a computer shop and look for the right computer for you, there are a lot of things you need to consider. Especially for graphic designers, the presence of an excellent computer is such a necessity and a must. 

You cannot pick a computer just because it looks nice or cool. In this article, we have several tips you can consider while looking for a graphic designer’s computer.

RAM is essential

Working as a graphic design interview questions designer forces you to do a lot of things with apps that might be heavy for your computer. It may affect your PC’s speed in the first place. Choosing a computer with an adequate amount of RAM will help you to finish your job faster, easier, and seamlessly. 

While the number may reflect the version of a RAM, you may also check the MHz number for a faster speed. 6GB of RA with 2400MHz capability is quite enough for an entry-level editor. If you can afford more, you can opt for a DDR 4 16 GB 3000MHz after all.

The processor as the brain

The processor is the brain of your computer. When you are in a computer shop and looking for a PC, check out the processor in the first place. It gives a comfortable yet easy experience while working as a graphic designer.

What processor should I buy? If you need something decent with almost-excellent performance, you can go with Intel i7-7700k. Another option that costs lower is Ryzen 7 1700.

Meanwhile, if you are a beginner, the i-5 7400 2.4GHz will work well on your graphic designing things.

What about the motherboard?

The motherboard is in charge to determine the compatibility as well as how far you can upgrade your computer. Thus, you need to pick a computer with the best motherboard, or at least it is upgradeable. 

This thing allows you to get more flexibility in the future. A mid-range motherboard costs around USD 40, which is a good investment if you want to use your device for a couple of years later.

Graphics Card is made for a reason

Have you heard about the GPU or graphics card? This thing affects a lot of aspects on your PC especially if you use the device for gaming and designing a lot. 

A better and higher GPU will allow you to get better performance on the graphic. However, the best graphic cart may cost around USD 699 right now. 

Don’t hesitate to buy the one you can afford since it can be upgraded later. The choice is your call after all.

Storage capacity

When you are designing, you will need an ample of storage space. It also affects speed. 

Today, most computers have used a solid-state drive or SSD instead of the traditional hard drive. SSD is faster than the hard drive. It allows you to load things faster and seamlessly.  Compared to traditional storage, SSD costs a bit higher. Still, this is a worthy investment. Buy anything you need for your computer at the computer shop .

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