Fix 0xc0000135 Error on Windows 11

Hit a 0xc0000135 error on Windows 11? Don’t fret! It’s a common issue that can occur on any iteration of Windows. Get the help you need to understand why this appears and how to resolve it easily within this blog post.

Is the 0xc0000135 error causing trouble on your Windows 11 computer? This maddening issue can impede your capability to run crucial programs and access essential functions on your device. Do not despair, though, as there are effective solutions that you can try to resolve this problem.

If you’re looking for help with the 0xc0000135 error, you’ve come to the perfect spot. Here we’ll list down typical reasons why this problem arises on Windows 11 and outline feasible steps to fix it expeditiously. So let’s get started and soon you can put your computer back in working order.

What are the reasons for the 0xc0000135 Error?

Uncover the 7 major causes of 0xc0000135 errors on Windows 11. Identify the sources of this irritating problem and learn about some practicable solutions.

  1. System Files Issue May Result in 0xc0000135 Error: Damage or loss of essential system files can lead to the 0xc0000135 error.
  2. Malware and virus infections are a common source of system errors. They can alter critical files and settings, causing the device to behave erratically. Understanding the implications of cyber threats can be beneficial in heading off potential problems.
  3. It pays to check the compatibility of your current software with Windows 11 before making the upgrade. Doing so can help prevent potential conflicts and errors.
  4. Having outdated or malfunctioning drivers on your PC may lead to the 0xc0000135 error. It’s important to stay up-to-date with driver updates to make sure your system is running smoothly.
  5. When your computer has little storage, it can be difficult to use programs and applications. Don’t let this be a barrier to your productivity!
  6. Discover the potential of errors in the Windows registry causing the 0xc0000135 error. Such errors can affect system settings and configurations, so it’s best to face them squarely.
  7. Are you running into trouble with the 0xc0000135 error while downloading or updating Windows 11? We’ve identified the common causes and are here to assist in getting your system back on track. Let’s get your system functioning again!

Quick Fix Solutions to Repair 0xc0000135 Error on Windows 11

  1. We will cover how to fix the 0xc0000135 error code by enabling .Net Framework 3.5. This can be done in two ways: via Windows Optional Features or through CMD. Let us begin with the former. To turn on .Net Framework 3.5 via Windows Optional Features, press the Windows Key + R to open the Run dialog box and type “appwiz.cpl” before pressing Enter. You will now be presented with a Programs and Features window; from there, click on the “Turn Windows features on or off” link on the left-hand side of your screen and scroll to find the “.NET Framework 3.5 (includes .NET 2.0 and 3.0)” option, checking its box before clicking OK to confirm your changes. Windows will then download and install any necessary files for .Net Framework 3.5; once this is complete, you must restart your computer by clicking on “Restart now” for your changes to take effect.
  2. To enable .Net Framework 3.5 using CMD, start by opening Command Prompt as an administrator. Then, you should restart your computer to apply the changes. You can type “shutdown /r” in the Command Prompt or alternatively select the “Restart now” option that appears on screen.
  3. If the 0xc0000135 error code still persists on Windows 11 after enabling .Net Framework 3.5, then try clearing cache files. To open the Run dialog box, press Windows key + R. Type “temp” in the text field and hit Enter in order to access the Temp folder containing various files – select them all with Ctrl + A and delete them through the right-click menu option “Delete”. Then, repeat the process by typing “prefetch” into the same Run box and clicking OK. Delete all of these as well. Once complete, restart your computer for changes to take effect.

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