How to convert a file from PDF to Word

In order to convert a file from PDF to Word you may need an online converter tool like Soda PDF to Word. This may only take a few seconds to get it done. It is fairly easy to use and you can follow the following steps to get it done.

Uploading the file

Select the file that you intend to convert. You can upload that file directly from the computer or you can easily drag and drop it into the convert pdf to word box. Cloud storage services like Google drives or Dropbox can also be used to upload the file that you intend to convert in the online converters. The next step is quite easy, all you have to do is click convert and wait for the conversion.

Downloading your file

Once your file has been converted to a Word file, the next thing you need is to download your Word document.The main advantage of word document is that unlike PDF this file is editable and once you download your newly converted file from either the browser or the email link that has been provided, you should be able to edit this document as well. Moreover your editable document would still have the layout of the PDF that has been preserved. This ensures that your information is safe and intact even past the conversion. 

Offline Converter

You can also consider getting a desktop application if you tend to convert such files frequently. However it’s also quite easy if you use the online converter instead. Both online and offline options are available to you and they are both user friendly and easy to use. Getting an offline converter however ensures that you don’t need the internet to get your job done. 

File Format 

Normally, the PDF converter tools convert your file to the .docx format. This latest file format  can be easily opened and accessed within any Word or other editing software. You can easily modify this .docx file or rename it accordingly. If you are converting your file to word then it is highly likely that you intend to edit this file. Once downloaded, you can easily find it in downloads or any other location that you entered for downloading and begin with the file modification or extract the data if you need. However .docx is not the only format that is available to you. In fact, you can choose many other editing formats like .RTF or .TXT during the conversion and download process. This makes it easier for you to share your files with any MAC users that may not be able to read the other formats without the windows operating system. 

Soda PDF to Word converter tool

The Soda PDF to Word Converter tool is a very useful tool both available to you online as well as offline. This tool is one of the many PDF tools that Soda PDF provides. You can easily follow the steps given above to convert and edit your files. However, Soda PDF is not only limited to this tool but they also have other products for other needs of your document. You can also get other Edits, merge, create and even convert back products at ease. All of this is available to you at a single click of a button! Moreover for the security of your files they also offer digital or electronic signatures. You can also use other advanced security options like password protected files which can save your file privacy. The tool is not just easy to use but also saves a lot of time!

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